Keith’s Story

I can’t really explain why I chose Grand Valley. I could have gone to a school with more name recognition, closer to home, or where all my friends from High School went. Now it is my senior year and I now know that the reason that God brought me to Grand Valley is the community […]

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Michael’s Story

Last fall I came to Grand Valley as a transfer student from MSU. I found myself reliving parts of freshman year that I really didn’t want to. I didn’t have any friends and I was lonely but I knew it was essential to join a college ministry. I quickly found CM and started going to […]

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Jenna’s Story

My name is Jenna Hazeltine. I’m a junior, and my major is psychology. I want to share with you guys a little blurb about where I feel God most abundantly in my life. Here’s one, very important aspect of my life where I’ve seen God move in extraordinary ways. Depression. I’m sure most of you, […]

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Hannah’s Story

Hi friends! This is a quick story of God’s faithfulness through Campus Ministry in the past couple of years. When I came to GV as a freshman, I knew I wanted to get involved with a Christian organization and community right away. I couldn’t tell you how or when I found out about Campus Ministry, but […]

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This is Why I Worship

    For the most part I grew up in a Christian home and always attended church, but something I really struggled with was securing my identity. My parents were on full time staff at a church and I found myself trying to break the stereotypes that “a pastors kid” fell into. I became very […]

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This is Why I Worship

Drew Robbins – CM Alumni 2017 How were you involved with Campus Ministry @ GVSU or one way that God used CM@GVSU to impact your life while you were in college? Immediately upon coming to GVSU as a freshman, I recognized that I would need to find a solid, Christ-centered, encouraging community of faith-driven peers […]

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