Sydney’s Story

I transferred to Grand Valley my sophomore year. I first heard about Campus Ministry through a good friend of mine who was involved and I slowly came to realize that I wanted to be a part of what God was doing on Grand Valley’s campus through CM. I applied to co-lead a Life Group with […]

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Katlin’s Story

Throughout middle school and high school my mother and I did not have a good relationship by any means. It was more on the emotional abusive side. Then junior year rolled around and I got into a relationship with a boy who I would end up staying with for two years before I forced myself […]

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Hallie’s Story

Hi, my name is Hallie, and I’m in my second year here at GVSU. I’m a psychology and French double major, and this is my story. Growing up, faith was really important to me. I grew up in a Christian household and went to church every Sunday, however I didn’t really have a good example […]

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Matt’s Story

I lived on campus for two years, and after moving home for my junior year, I really lacked a good community. My friend Derrick brought me to The Well several times, but I really made no major connections. I would be the guy standing in the back by myself not really know anyone or getting […]

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Lillian’s Story

I grew up in a very typical Christian household. I have an amazing mom and dad and I am blessed to also have three siblings who I love a lot, even though they drive me crazy sometimes. I grew up going to church every Sunday and knowing Jesus was my savior and that he loved […]

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David’s Story

If God is for us, who can be against us? My name is David Genslak, I am a senior and studying criminal justice. This is my story. I grew up going to church every Sunday, but the services were kind of bland for me. I never really got a lot out it. I don’t remember […]

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Mason’s Story

I am originally from the east side of the state and came to Grand Valley with a lot of excitement. When my roommate from freshman year approached me about leading a life group through Campus Ministry with her the following year, I jumped at the opportunity.   As the next year came, we prayed and prayed […]

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