Lillian’s Story

I grew up in a very typical Christian household. I have an amazing mom and dad and I am blessed to also have three siblings who I love a lot, even though they drive me crazy sometimes. I grew up going to church every Sunday and knowing Jesus was my savior and that he loved […]

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David’s Story

If God is for us, who can be against us? My name is David Genslak, I am a senior and studying criminal justice. This is my story. I grew up Catholic, and I remember going to church every Sunday, but the services were kind of bland for me. I never really got a lot out […]

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Mason’s Story

I am originally from the east side of the state and came to Grand Valley with a lot of excitement. When my roommate from freshman year approached me about leading a life group through Campus Ministry with her the following year, I jumped at the opportunity.   As the next year came, we prayed and prayed […]

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Tayler’s Story

When coming to college, I was so excited to see what God was going to do. I was so excited to be able to meet new people, to get involved and see why God placed me here at Grand Valley. I had a roommate who was following Christ as well, but we both got caught […]

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Kathleen’s Story

  How is God using CM to shape my life?   The Lord has used this place and these people to transform every piece of my heart and every aspect of my life, and I continuously see His hand at work both in and beyond this community.  Before coming to college I had known that I […]

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Micah’s Story

Coming to college, and just recently, Jesus has rocked my world. The first semester I put up so many walls against him being in my life and fell into sin. I was trying to control everything in my life, including my anxiety that controlled me all through the fall and winter. All my life I […]

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Srey’s Story

When I was about six years old, I was getting to know Jesus for the first time. I did not grow up in a Christian household. I was born in Cambodia and Christianity wasn’t something that most Cambodians followed. But as a little girl, I was very curious about things. I saw this very old […]

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