Rachel’s Story

What Israel Taught Me

Rachel Gatica


The past two years attending Campus Ministry I heard people say “Go to Israel, it will be life changing.” In my heart I knew that they were right but I doubted that I would ever be able to go. The more I doubted, the more God kept nudging me to sign up for the trip. One day, I followed the push (because it was the only thing I could think about) and signed up for the trip. Spoiler alert: Everyone was right—walking where Jesus walked was life changing and faith growing.

I am sure for anyone who reads this or hears anyone else talk about their trip to Israel is thinking “Yeah, yeah. That is what they all say, but that can’t happen for me.” I used to think the exact same thing. I used to doubt what God could do, but Israel changed that for me. I grew up my entire life hearing the Bible stories, but in Israel God completely transformed my heart by showing me that He is still the same God today that He was back then and He always will be. I always read about how God provided for the Israelites in the desert, but I experienced it firsthand while hiking up Mt. Arbel. It was over 100 degrees that day and He provided wind when we needed it and strengthened our bodies. This reminded me that God will always provide for us whether it is at home, on campus, or climbing up the side of the mountain. Nothing is too great for our God. While sitting in a boat in the Sea of Galilee we talked about when Jesus and Peter walked on the same body of water that we were actually floating in (it still blows my mind). Peter got out of the boat to be like Jesus, but he doubted himself in the process. God taught me that in order to live like Jesus, I need to get out of the boat and take leaps of faith and not doubt Him or what He can do through me.

My whole life I read in the Bible about what God could do, but in Israel, I truly felt what God can do and can see what He is doing. His power came to life more than I could ever imagine. He showed me how to believe and not doubt. He is the same God that we read about in the Bible and He chooses us to use for His glory today. I will forever be thankful for all that God taught me about his goodness and faithfulness while I was in Israel.


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