Jacob’s Story

Learning to be a Leader for Christ

Jacob Sciacchitano


For 3 years, I was privileged to serve on the campus ministry worship team.

This process drastically changed my life. I was lost, maneuvering life’s most dangerous landmines by mere inches, and trying to do it all on my own. But God had a different plan. He placed people like Ben and Stacie Post in my life right at the most pivotal point…a crossroads.

I had a choice to make. Was I going to be a nominal Christian, going through the motions, and having it all together on the outside? Or was I going to allow God to truly take over my life? The choice was left up to me and I’m glad to say I chose to let God have his way.

Over the course of the 3 years I was involved in CM, I can truly say I was blessed with the people I got to know, the places I got to visit, and the miracles I witnessed. God placed Ben, Stacie, Chris, Scott, John, and so many more, into my life to challenge me in my walk with God and to grow me into the person I am today.
I have a vivid memory of one leadership retreat where Ben posed a question to all the men. It struck a nerve. From that point on I continually fought uphill to be the man that God called me to be. I can honestly say today that my life would be drastically different if not for the mentoring, love, support, and sharpening that CM has given me. I am truly blessed.

In 2012, Ben & Stacie played a huge part in Amanda and I’s wedding ceremony which was completely unforgettable. It is a witness to how much it’s impacted us by the sheer number of weddings we go to and see all the faces of the ones we knew from CM. It’s like nothing else I’ve experienced. I can truly say that CM is hidden gem. Anyone that talks to me about considering attending GVSU for school is always met with a whirlwind of great things to hear about the school and CM.

I’ve probably said way too much, but I guess that’s just the way I feel.

I am now on staff full-time at my home church, Rockpointe, in Sterling Heights. Through the mentoring, teaching, coaching, and support of the CM staff and the Post family, I have felt more than equipped to do what I’m doing now.

When Stacie was leading the worship team, she led so humbly, always seeking to call out leadership in others. I was one of several student interns that was impacted by her leadership. She is such a great leader. She taught us to step up, be empowered, and lead the people God was calling us to lead. It’s incredible to see how that mindset she had influenced me and continually influences the volunteers I am leading on our worship & tech teams.

In 2016, I celebrated 5 years in my role. I was fortunate this past summer to have some interns of my own and I hope I imparted even a fraction of the lessons that Stacie taught me. I thank her so much for being the leader I needed and that God calls for.

I owe her and the CM staff so much for who I am today! Love you guys!


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