Ann’s Story

Being Called Out

Ann Smit – CM Staff

“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.” ~Mark 1:17

I did not get involved with Campus Ministry until my junior year of college. I had grown up in a Christian home and attended Christian schools my entire life and it was strange not being in that kind of community. I did some sort of “church shopping” with the various religious organizations at GVSU my freshman and sophomore years, but never found anything I loved or felt like I belonged, which made me eventually quit trying. I wasn’t necessarily “slipping” in my faith, but I definitely wasn’t growing like I could have been.
Then things changed my junior year: a good friend of mine, Sarah Veldman invited me to the cook-out at the clock tower. I was nervous about not knowing anyone there, but decided to take this step of faith with my friend’s invitation. Sarah had talked to me before about how much she loved CM and being on the Program Team; she casually mentioned that I should join her on this team. I thought she was crazy. Why would I be on some leadership team for an organization that I had only attended maybe once or twice? At the cook-out, I had the opportunity to meet Ben Post, and Sarah mentioned to him that I would be great on the Program Team for the Well (there was only an 8pm service at this point). Ben basically said, “Sure! Try it out once, and if it seems to be a good fit, you can join the team.” That first meeting was all I needed. I knew instantly I loved CM and its mission. All I needed was that push from a friend and the opportunity to be involved and committed to an organization.
Fast forward a few months to Spring Break. I knew I wanted to serve and had the chance to get my first choice of trips: Catadupa, Jamaica. Of course, I picked the most expensive trip. I sent out letters like it was my job to my family asking for partnership through prayer and financially. Meanwhile, I heard about this opportunity to go to Israel with Ben and Stacie Post in April. This is something I knew I was being called to, but could in no way begin to afford. I told Ben I was interested and he kept telling me I should come along, but I had every doubt and excuse to say no. Finally Ben called me saying something like “Ann, this is the last time I’ll bother you, but I have to know: will you go to Israel with us?” Let me tell you what had just happened the day he asked this: Chris Pieters had informed me that I had EXTRA donations come in for support for Jamaica!! I was astounded. I called my sponsors and asked them if they would be willing to move those funds to support this other trip. All of them agreed and the only thing I could reply to Ben was, “YES!”

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 6.59.35 PM.png
This was my introduction year into Campus Ministry. Since then, I was asked to become a Life Group intern, lead a Spring Break trip to Arizona, and be on staff this year with Life Groups. These are just a couple examples of when people have been a huge part of calling me out and inviting me to come and follow and be a part of something amazing. God is so faithful, and He will always provide what we need. I have had countless other examples of when people have poured into me and encouraged me to excel and go further than I ever imagined. I praise God for these situations and leaders in my life. While on staff and throughout my lifetime, I pray I can be someone who sees potential in others and calls them higher. I pray the same for you! That you will have truth and life poured into you and you can do the same for others.



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