Annette’s Story

Finding God in Community

Annette Williams

annette-1When I came to college, I was on the path of becoming a statistic of kids who walked away from the church once they left home. A relationship ended in my senior year of high school that caused me a lot of hurt and I unfortunately turned that hurt into anger towards God and an overall apathy toward Him and the church. Not long after that I found myself feeling restless, like I couldn’t find peace anywhere I looked. I see now that it was because I was looking in all the wrong places, primarily partying and unhealthy friendships.

This pattern held into my freshman year. I still felt like I was a “Christian”, but my relationship with Christ was nowhere near what it should have been. I went to church, but only because I felt like my parents wanted me to.

It wasn’t until I was invited by one of my to Post Family Farms by a girl on my floor, who is one of my greatest friends now, with her life group that things really changed. From then on I had an awesome community of girls who supported me, poured into me, and held me accountable.

That peace I had been searching for finally came and I am so grateful for how God has orchestrated everything to bring me back to Him. I don’t even want to think about how my college experience would differ from what it is had I not gotten involved, I know I wouldn’t be telling this story, I wouldn’t have the great friends I have now, and I wouldn’t be leading a life group myself this year. God is so present in this community and I am blessed to be a part of it!



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