Rachel’s Story

Rachel Goddard

CM Alumni – 2014


I was tricked into a Campus Ministry Bible study my sophomore year of college.

A friend of mine from the rowing team asked if I wanted to tie dye shirts (code: Bible Study) and I agreed. I kept returning because the people were nice and I liked the snacks, but eventually God used small groups to change my heart and my life. I went on to lead a freshmen small group, and those girls became some of my best friends. Campus Ministry allowed me to figure out who Jesus was with enough structure to help me understand and enough flexibility to let me figure it out on my own. I am forever grateful for the impact CM had on me as a person and how it began and influenced my relationship with Jesus. My friends and mentor relationships from Campus Ministry are some that are unmatched, even today. I am so thankful for the support, encouragement, and experience that CM gave me while in college!

I currently work as a Resident Director/Grad Assistant at Bethel College in Indiana. I’m studying to get my Masters in Counseling. Campus Ministry played a huge role in where I am at today. I interned for Campus Ministry in the office and also for small groups. These roles influenced how I work in ministry and allowed me to learn and grow during my college years. God changed my heart in college away from Pre-Med and showed me how He had created me to be with people. This greatly influenced my decision to study Counseling. I spent this past summer driving across America (20 states!) with my best friend from school. We worked at a camp in California, and road tripped the rest of the time. It has been quite the adventure since leaving CM!



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