Michelle’s Story

To Rest in His Presence

Michelle Greening


The summer after my freshman year of college didn’t quite go the way that I had planned it too. With the craziness of the spring semester, I decided to spend the summer back home working the jobs that I did in high school because it was just easy. However, being burnt out from the year, I regretted this decision right away feeling like all of the ways the God grown me throughout the year were being wasted and could have been used in a much more impactful way. I really missed the community that Campus Ministry so abundantly provided and just felt very stuck which really kept me from appreciating all of the blessings that were surrounding me at home. Working in these jobs and taking a couple classes was too much to handle leading me to quit one of them. Through this decision, the Lord taught me to rest in His constant presence despite the circumstances and be ever trusting that He was doing something in my life and in the lives of others around me. He showed me how to slow down and be intentional with my family and friends which was very much needed at this time with what they were going through. Seeking Him day by day, He continually amazes me. He began to and is continually teaching me that when my heart is overwhelmed, to turn to the ‘rock that is higher than I’ and He will provide.  That is why I worship.

“From the ends of the earth I call to you, I call as my heart grows faint; lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” – Psalm 61:2


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