Jamie’s Story

Trusting My Shepherd

Jamie Hawkins


During the last few weeks of the previous winter semester I was going through a spiritual valley, and I was inspired to re-memorize Psalm 23. While studying God’s word I also stumbled upon an online sermon about the same Psalm, and it had me thinking about David’s words in a whole new way. David was writing about being a sheep, and I realized that maybe I should be looking towards God as my shepherd while I was wandering through the valley.


So I prayed, and I searched my heart for where my Shepherd was leading. I found that God had planted in me a seed for service. I realized that tiny seed had been growing since I had gone to Dallas on a spring break mission trip. There Christ allowed me to encounter a ministry and community that I was passionate about, along with people who shared the same love for service that I did. While leaving Dallas in March I was offered an internship position by the ministry director, and I denied it, because at the time I thought I had a summer job in Michigan. I didn’t think I could ever move to Texas for a summer!story_picture_2

I soon realized what God was really doing with that little seed. He had been leading me back to Dallas even though I couldn’t see it! In April He nicely offered me the internship position again, and I closed the door- AGAIN. This caused my Shepherd to really get my attention. In May God denied me from my college program, ended my Michigan job opportunity, and shut down a relationship- just so I could explicitly see where He was leading me in the valley. He left me with no excuses, and showed me the way out- straight towards Dallas, Texas. Ten days later I was across the county and working fifty hours a week in a place where I thrived.

Serving in Dallas has been life changing. I learned how to pray big prayers, how to serve others with love, and how to live on my own in what feels like a foreign land. The Lord showed me how to be more open to His guidance, reminded me that I am a sheep, and taught me grace through His relentless pursuit of my life- in the mountains and in the valleys! Praise be to God!



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