Kenny’s Story

Kenny Spicer

CM Alumni -2011


Campus Ministry at GVSU was a huge part of my college experience and I am so grateful for it. I was involved in many ways and formed so many great relationships. I served on a spring break mission trip each year, and was able to experience God working in various cities, grow closer to my Creator, and meet great new friends. I was also heavily involved in small groups, where I could dig into the word with fellow brothers in Christ, and I was also able to develop my leadership skills as I began leading small group studies as well. I become more confident in my faith and was able to grow closer in my walk with God. Through all of this, I met my wife and a couple other of my best friends today. I’m so blessed to be able to continue to walk through life together today with friends that I met through CM!

I am still living in Grand Rapids and currently work at Amway in Ada, MI. No kids yet, but my wife and I are seeking God’s plan for our lives as she continues with her 3rd year of medical school in Flint, MI. I fully believe that every part of my college experience, especially CM, led me to where I am today. We attend Keystone Community Church and help support local and global initiatives. We also strive daily to keep God at the center of our lives in all of the different things we participate in. Finally, we work to maintain our relationships with close friends and encourage each other in the Lord as much as possible. I’m thankful for all of the little things that God has orchestrated to get me to where I am today.



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