Aaron’s Story


Aaron Summers


If you’ve opened this, there is a good chance you have heard the name “Aaron Summers” around Campus Ministry. I should probably be charged rent for basically living in Cook-Dewitt every weekday, and Campus Ministry has been in my blood for many years.

People often ask me, “Hey Aaron, how come you are so social with others? I love how loud and outgoing you are!” Or, “Yo A-A-Ron, you are one of the most talkative guys I have ever met. Where do you get your energy from?”

Plot twist.

My entire life I have been battling a speech impediment. When I was younger, going to school was a nightmare, knowing that every time I tried talking to someone, my jaw would lock up or I would stutter every word. Having a simple conversation with another person was dreadful; knowing that every word I tried to get out of my mouth left me shaking in fear. My life was taken over by my speech impediment; everything I tried to accomplish hit a roadblock because I simply could not speak. I attended counseling and met Speech Therapists to try and fix my problem, but every time the therapists kept saying my speech impediment was just something I would have to live with for the rest of my life.

Being diagnosed with a speech impediment can damage every aspect of your life. But there was another man who had the same exact speech impediment as me. And this guy wasn’t just any regular dude either:


Long story short, God told Moses to SPEAK to God’s people, and he was like, “no way God! I am slow of speech and tongue, they won’t be able to understand a word I say.” (Exodus 4:10).

But then God chose a special someone to take his place because Moses had a speech impediment. God chose Moses’ brother:


Aaron of The Bible was chosen by God to be a speaker for God’s people in a time of trouble (Exodus 4:14). When I first heard this story, I was blown away! God chose Aaron to be His speaker.

A couple days later, I spontaneously shared this story of the speech impediment Moses and Aaron at The Well. šŸ™‚

Oh yeah and when I spoke at The Well, for some reason I spoke crystal clear, no stuttering, an unlocked jaw, for the first time in my entire life! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

If you are still reading this, just know that there is no impediment, shortcoming, disorder, or anything in all of creation that will ever separate God’s plan for your life. God is fighting EVERY battle for you, you need only to be still! (Exodus 14:14)

Campus Ministry has completely changed my life. Without CM, I would not be following Jesus.


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