Erin’s Story


Erin Francis


It is simply amazing how much Campus Ministry has impacted my life. When I was a sophomore in high school something happened to me that changed my life forever. My older brother, Levi, passed away in a car/deer accident. From then on my life was completely different. I was mad at God. I didn’t know why this would happen to my “perfect”, happy, Christian family. As I went through High School I struggled with who God was and who I was in Christ. My Senior year was tough as I tried to cope with this loss in healthy ways like striving for boys attention at school. I tried drinking alcohol to numb the pain, only to find out it just caused its own pain itself.

When I came to college at GVSU I wasn’t in a good place. Sure I still believe in God, but I can’t say that I was following Jesus. As a freshman I entered into a relationship with a guy that was extremely unhealthy. He was controlling and abusive in different ways (emotionally, sexually). I let this go on for too long, although I knew it wasn’t right to stay with him and my best friends told me it wasn’t smart.

Then something began to change. I started getting serious about coming to the well. One of my new best friends, Julia Stejskal, encouraged me to continue to go. We ended up moving together to become roommates for the second half of freshman year. I went on a SB trip to Mescalero and learned what it meant to serve the Lord! Over that summer I finally broke up with the boy who was hurting my heart.

From then on my spiritual life took hold. I became a life group leader my sophomore year through CM. I started to understand how much he loved me despite my brokenness. I was able to go on a trip to Israel with Ben and Stacey Post in May of 2016. I got to see how God blesses us with living water that cleanses us. The next Spring Break I lead a mission trip to Denver Colorado and experienced God’s beautiful creation in the mountains. This year I am continuing to understand God’s love for me and His provision. I am leading the SB trip to Dallas and I am so excited that I get to work with kids there!

God has healed me through CM in ways I never thought were possible. I still miss my brother at times, and I won’t ever forget how awesome he was as a big brother. But I know I will unite with him again in Heaven someday where there is no pain or suffering. God is good. And this is why I WORSHIP!



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