Katie’s Story

Katie Howard

Alumni – 2012


When I came to Grand Valley I was more interested in parties and boys. To be honest, God wasn’t even on my radar. But all of that changed when I began to work in the Student Services Office at GV. My fellow co-workers were all apart of Campus Ministry and after a few months of listening to them talk about CM and inviting me to check it out, I finally gave in and went to a Sunday night service. I don’t really remember much about those first few services, but I do remember feeling welcomed. Where I thought I would be met with judgement and shame, I was met with love and grace.

I began to take my faith more seriously that year and I gave my life to Christ. I wanted to know Jesus and follow Him no matter the cost. So I jumped right in and got involved in small groups, Young Life, and Spring Break trips. God used the students and staff at CM to completely change my life that year. As my time at CM continued, I became a leader and got more involved with Young Life, PM Planning team, and Spring Break trips. CM gave me the opportunity to lead small groups, serve locally and globally on Spring Break Trips, and even travel to Israel to study God’s Word and hike the land. God used my time at Campus Ministry to give me a love for God, His Word, and His people and He used the staff and students at CM to challenge and encourage me along the way.


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