Michaeleen’s Story

Michaeleen Rood

Alumni – 2010


How were you involved with Campus Ministry or how did God use CM to impact your life while you were in college?

I had the privilege of being a part of the worship team and also leading Spring Break Trips with Campus Ministry. Before GVSU I didn’t understand what following Jesus even meant or even to have peers that were seeking a relationship with him. Campus Ministry gave me opportunities to join a small group and finally start to build deep relationships; with women especially. My freshman year I decided to go on a Spring Break trip to Tallahassee FL, and that trip forever changed my life. We worked with Habitat for Humanity and the guys on the trip were incredible examples to me of men who loved Jesus and respected women as their sisters in Christ. I also returned back to Tallahassee 3 more times as a trip leader and met some of my best friends there (including my husband…cliche, I know..but boy do I love that guy!).

I honestly showed up at GV with the intentions of not having a faith anymore, but God showed up in BIG ways for me through CM and through so many friends. I learned how to seek after God, how to help others find Him, and what my passions were (even if I didn’t realize it then). I met my two best friends through CM: My husband Josh, and my best friend Katie!


Where are you and what are you doing now?

I can’t even begin to explain how God used CM to lead me to where I am. When I was a student, Young Life was a part of CM and I was also very involved with YL in college. It’s crazy to think that 11 years ago I was attending Young Life for the very first time at GVSU. And now my job is leading Young Life at GVSU! Through CM, I learned how to figure what gifts God had given me and how I could use them to advance God’s kingdom. Josh and I are both heavily involved with Evergreen Ministries (our church!). We are both still a part of the worship/productions team there, and I spent the last 4 years as a high school youth leader. We are also currently huddle leaders for Life Group Leaders at CM and we love it. They’re good people!

Going to GVSU as a freshman, I barely even knew if it was the right place for me. But God used Campus Ministry and Young Life to shape me, teach me and stretch me. I will forever be grateful for this ministry!


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