Evan’s Story

Evan James

Easter Baptism Story!


Well, I guess I’ll start off by saying that I’ve always grown up in a Christian home. My parents always took me to church, and I’ve always felt very blessed to have such a supportive family. I was saved when I was in the fifth grade, never baptized (Until recently that is, my parents wanted that to be my decision to make), kept going to church and attended youth group until about high school.

My high school years were pretty good. I’d found a small group of great friends which was great, since if you know who I am, I realize I can come off quite shy and awkward. However, as I look back it was during my high school years that I sort of drifted from God. I mean, I didn’t take up any bad habits, but I guess I just wasn’t as close as I should have been. My prayer life and my spending time in the Word lacked quite a bit and I guess I could’ve been labeled quite the “lukewarm Christian.” I still called myself a Christian and honestly believed in God, Jesus and what He’s done for me, but I just wasn’t as firm in my faith.

I eventually chose to go to Grand Valley, mainly because it was close by (I’m a commuter), but I’d also heard good things about the school. My first couple of years went pretty well, I was passing my classes, getting closer to my history degree (which I’m still conflicted about what I’m going to do with). I’m not sure if those who live on campus could understand, but being a commuter, full-time student, then rushing back home to work whatever hours I had left over really didn’t leave much time to socialize. My faith was still a little shaky, as I hadn’t heard of CM yet, and I just sort of felt alone.

But then I went to Campus Life Night my junior year, and stumbled across Campus Ministry! And to be honest, ever since I’ve been going to the Well regularly, joining a life group (which is made up of some of the coolest guys I’ve ever met!), and above all going on my first mission trip ever during spring break to DC, I feel like my life has made a complete 180*! I’ve met some amazing people who have encouraged me, been there for me and built me up in my faith. I’m proud to say that my relationship with God is better than it’s ever been, and I honestly think it was God that led me to stumble upon that CM booth. I know the phrase “on fire for God” gets thrown around quite a bit, but growing up as a “lukewarm Christian,” I feel that I can proudly say that I now am!


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