Megan’s Story

Before coming to Grand Valley, I did research on some Christian organizations on campus. I decided to check out The Well, CM’s weekly Sunday night worship service. I walked into an auditorium and witnessed hundreds of people greeting their friends and buzzing about their summers. I was eager to be a part of this community. […]

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Jessica’s Story

After about a month into my freshman year I decided that I wanted to be an RA my sophomore year. I mostly wanted to do this to save money for next year, because when you’re a RA room and board is covered by GV. I told all of my close friends that I was going […]

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Steven’s Story

My name is Steven Reame and this is how God has impacted my life. I am truly blessed to be standing where I am today. If you told me 3 years ago that I would be writing about how God has impacted my life today, I wouldn’t believe you. I grew up knowing who God […]

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Monica’s Story

I didn’t grow up in a very typical Christian home or family. For just about as long as I can remember my parents have been divorced and my dad had never really gone to church. Around 8 years old my mom started taking me to church and around middle school/early high school I was getting […]

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